Sri.K.VIJAYAKUMAR - Chairman


C.M.S.College of Education aims at translating a dream into a reality. It is a dream of making India a glorious country, where intellectual and spiritual advancements go hand-in-hand. We are indeed very happy and proud to say that we have reached the pinnacle of academic success, which is the fruit of the labour of everyone who strives for the benefit of this institution.

This institution stands up for its ideal of providing all-round education. We believe that the teacher has a unique task of shaping a student's personality, and we aim at creating teachers who stand up for this ideal. We create teachers who strive for excellence in the classroom.

"Arise, Awake, Advance" is the guiding principle of this institution which strives to create a knowledge society. We strongly believe in the innate potential of every student teacher of this institution who can provide holistic education for a child. Here, the student teachers are not only trained to teach, but also trained to inspire trust in their students and become an example to follow.

We are confident that C.M.S. College of Education is indeed a place where the best teacher education is imparted. We look forward to continuous support from everyone.