Dr.O.B.PRAMOD KUMAR - Secretary


Education that is thorough, purposeful and meets the requirements of today's schools and education that disciplines and inculcates values - that is the kind of education that C.M.S. College of Education offers at large. It is a matter of pride for us to say that the institution aims at creating teachers who are personally mature, professionally furnished and service-oriented. Academic excellence is our motto, and we do not compromise on teaching standards or discipline.

From the genesis of this institution, we have stayed sincere to our core values - Seeking excellence, Welcoming changes, Integrity in everything we do, and Service to humanity. The purpose of this institution is to offer a world of opportunity to those who are willing to take it. C.M.S., College of Education intends to continue leading the way forward in line with the motto of this institution.

We believe in hard work, open communication and a strong emphasis on teamwork. Knowledge is not just the art of knowing things, but should be based on a more practical note of doing things and mastering them. Our institution has set unique goals and objectives for achieving excellence in all spheres of teacher education. A teacher's future begins at C.M.S. College of Education.